Sunday, January 9, 2011

Go Ahead... Mug 'em

Say Cheese ( I know, that was cheesy)
Brass-Knuckle-Cup_8603F667.jpgNo doubt you'd have the coolest mugs in the office with these, I especially love the camera lens one.

Protect Ya Neck

Grenade Necklace by White Metal, yeah this necklace is pretty cool, but I for one support a grenade free America, ( sorry I'm kind of addicted to Jersey Shore)Grenade-Necklace-by-whitemetal_536BDB7D.jpg

Pistol Hairdryer From Bathroom Graffiti

There's noway you could stop yourself from smiling while using this, when in doubt get a pistol hairdryer  ( or at least that's what I always say).


Just in case the red bottoms don't make you stand out

A little after the holiday spirit anyone?                                                  


Monday, October 25, 2010

" All That Glitters Is Not Gold" Bracelet from Moschino and Cheap

I definitely love this bracelet from Moschino and Cheap, and the humor in it too.
Hey, do I say definitely too much?


Well, today I was sitting at my computer eating peanut butter by the scoop fulls, from the jar of course, and it came to me... I Should Most Definitely (ISMD) Make My Own Blog! This blog will primarily be about fashions that I like or just all around stuff. So here I am, and here you are, hope this works...

* About the ISMD part, yeah I Just Most Definitely made that up